Wedding Reception Information
 An event assistandt
  •  The price to hire Music That Moves You is all inclusive with the exception of travel fees outside the local area, there are no hidden charges for appointments or for purchasing music for your event. An event assistant is now included for wedding receptions at no additional cost to the client.
  •  Remember, the Disc Jockey will be at the reception longer than any of the other people you have hired and is also the individual who is ultimately responsible for how well the reception goes. After all is said and done do you want to be one of the newlyweds who wished they had paid a little more for quality service?
  •  The current rate is $1100.00 for 5 hours of music, this includes entertaining your guests prior to your arrival as well as the introductions and music during your meal. It is suggested that you reserve 6 hours if you need 6 hours. Additional time is at a rate $150.00 per hour.
  •  If your wedding reception falls on a holiday the charge is at 1 and 1/2 times the normal hourly rate. New Years Eve is 2 times the normal hourly rate.
  •  Through the use of this site and the ability for customers to log into their own personal planner almost all events can be planned online and does not require a sit down meeting. If you feel a need to sit down and discuss your reception I would be happy to do so and an appointment can be scheduled.
  •  Every effort is made to handle the reception the way you want it done, after all it is your day.
  •  The usual attire is a full tuxedo.